March 1, 2019

Testimonial: Juliette Schatan

Juliette Schatan
Refresh Organizers & Designers CEO – Berkeley CA

Having Brian Comstock as my business coach was truly a “mind shifting” experience. It takes a lot of energy and resources to grow a small business to a scalable enterprise. There is a big difference between being “self employed” and being an entrepreneur. Brian knows the process so well! He understood my dreams, the ambition, all the frustration that we go through on the pad of becoming a successful business person. If you want more than being a small business owner, Brian is your coach! He really understands what you need to have in place, what your mindset has to be, in order to make it happen. Besides his professional coaching style, Brian is a very supportive person.  

When Brian started coaching me it was clear (to both) that I had the passion, BUT had vague notions of how to make my business grow. I have a background in architecture and started a business in home organization & interior design a couple of years ago. When Brian started working with me, I needed a mind shift of sorts. With patience he got me to change my work habits and become more successful in my business. Ideas are wonderful when you know how to implement them and make it all happen. Nowadays, thanks to Brian, I keep track of my progress, my successes, I learn from my errors and it really makes a huge difference! Now I can enjoy the “swell” and keep going when the wave hits down on my business. Thanks Brian, you really made THE difference: I doubled my revenue last year and this year I’m looking to double it again (maybe triple it 🙂 )